1. I love this so much. 2. Can I quote this in a blog post? I will link back to here!

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Thank you for the introduction to PageMelt. I hadn't encountered their content before, and I enjoy clock app folks who talk more than they gif react (both are fine, of course--watch what works for you, etc. etc.).

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Love your thoughts on feminism and reading and totally agree that it's simply impossible to make 100% "clean" feminist choices in everything we do or consume. And I do think you're right in that there is a double standard for women's media to be more feminist than men's. What we read doesn't have to be feminist but the way we talk about it can be perhaps? At least it's up to us how we discuss the media we consume.

I also find your thoughts on the "men written by women" archetype very valuable and think that this ties in with the overall "female gaze" which is also very white. On the one hand, I am glad that we have these concepts to discuss media, but on the other they are incomplete and not above criticism. So thank you for your thoughts, I will definitely keep them in mind when talking about books and fictional characters online! :)

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